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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What should I do if my Log-In Name or Password are no longer working?

Contact your Client Service Representative.

Who do I contact if I have technical problems?

Contact support using this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who does Parkside Lending, LLC lend to?

Clients and client shops with a BRE and/or DBO CRMLA license (and similar licenses in our other approved states).

How do I download forms, rate sheet, and matrices?

Forms and Product Matrices may be accessed through the Reference section on the left menu if you are logged in. Rate sheets may be accessed from the left menu as well, as its own button. To have the Rate Sheet emailed to you daily please email the Lock Desk.

FAQ For Clients

How do I request a lock?

If you don't already have a loan, you may request an advance lock using the "Quick Price" link on the left menu. To lock an existing loan, the loan must have been completely filled out and submitted. After this, you should see a "Request Lock" option on the blue loan menu on the left of the screen.

How do I submit a loan to Parkside Lending or upload files via the website?

When a client completes the online client sign-up and manually submits a completed Client Agreement Package to Parkside Lending, they will receive a Client ID number and a password. With these, the client can log onto ePark where they can upload and manage loans as well as upload miscellaneous documents.

Does the applicant need to submit originals or can they be scan/emailed or faxed?

Applicants may submit their application and supporting documentation via email or fax. We accept packages via U.S. mail (or they can also submit via our portal; see below). We do not accept electronic signatures, signatures pasted from a scan, or stamped signatures in connection with applications – all documents must be signed with "wet" ink signatures. Documents with wet signatures that are scanned/emailed or faxed are acceptable. Executed copies of the agreement and Mortgage Loan Originator Addendum are required for a loan to fund - no exceptions.

What documents are required with "wet" ink signatures?

Please sign and date the following documents:

  • Broker Agreement
  • LO Addendum
  • Branch Addendum (if applicable)
  • Loan Fraud policy
  • Fair Lending policy
  • Authorization and Credit Release
  • Electronic Signature Addendum
  • Lender Paid Compensation Agreement
  • E-mail & Fax Consent form
  • Redistribution Addendum Desktop Underwriter Schedule (if you choose to participate)

Is the Mortgage Loan Originator Addendum required?

Yes, it is required for all mortgage loan originators that would like to conduct business with us on behalf of a client company. Mortgage loan originators must complete a LO Addendum for approval and it is a PTD (Prior to Docs) Condition on the first loan submitted. Each Mortgage Loan Originator Addendum must be "wet" signed by the individual mortgage loan originator and also signed and approved by the owner's "wet" signature. The LO Addendum needs to be completed only once. LOs that are participating in both the Wholesale and Correspondent channels, however, will need provide one LO Addendum for each channel.

What is the Branch Addendum?

A Branch Addendum is an addendum that a client company must complete if they would like to set up an approved branch account under their main client account. Branches may have a different Lender paid compensation plan from the main account. If the company or client shop has more than one branch, then only the corporate office will sign the agreement and be approved with Parkside Lending. A Branch Addendum will be required from all other branches, and it will need to be signed by the same owner/client of the corporate office and the branch manager for the branch. In addition, the Branch will also need to be NMLS approved (

Can the Client provide their own credit report?

Yes, they can provide their own credit report if it is a tri-merge report with 3 credit scores that is dated within the past 90 days. Otherwise, they may provide the login and password information so that we may reprint their recent credit report, or they may provide a Fannie Mae number and password so that we may reissue their most recent credit report.

What is the minimum credit score that the signing owner of the client company must have?

We require a minimum of a 620 FICO score - middle of 3 scores. Some exceptions are made on a case by case basis and with a Letter of Explanation.

Can agreements be amended or items required waived?

No, we do not allow any amended versions of our agreement or waive any required items. All legal language and items requested are industry standard. Exceptions, however, can be considered. Please escalate the questions to your Account Executive.

Can a client shop apply if they were once denied by Parkside?

Yes, but they will not be eligible for re-applying for at least one year from their denial and all issues outstanding or leading to the denial must have been satisfactorily resolved.

Can a client submit a loan prior to their application having been approved?

Yes, client company and mortgage loan originator approval is a Prior to Docs (PTD) Condition. Client Relations will just have to set up a mortgage loan originator and processor to submit loans. We will also need the client compensation plan and electronic signature form filled out prior to taking a lock.

Who signs the client agreement?

All owners of 5% or more of the company will be required to sign the client Agreement and Authorization and Credit Release form. One owner will be required to sign the remaining documents.

What financials are required?

Parkside requires financials for the past two fiscal years plus current interim YTD (Year-to-Date) financials. Financials consist of your Profit and Loss Statement along with your Balance Sheet. Federal Tax Returns are acceptable in lieu of financial statements (YTD interim statements are still required). If your company is a start-up, please provide an itemization of all start-up costs to date. Also, if the client maintains warehouse lines of credit, pipeline aging reports will be required.

What is client recertification?

We require annual client recertifications. We will send out an email notification every 12 months from the date of your initial approval or most recent client recertification. This allows us to re-evaluate your company and determine if you still meet our minimum requirements. We will request the following:

  1. YTD Profit & Loss Statement
  2. YTD Balance Sheet
  3. Financials from the previous fiscal year (unless previously provided)
  4. Current applicable state licenses
  5. Quality Control Plan (for companies with 5 or more LOs – only if there are changes from what was previously submitted)
  6. Updated Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Quality Control Plan (only if there are changes from what was previously submitted)
  7. Updated Credit Authorization and Release form if there has been a change of ownership
  8. Any new mortgage loan originators addendums or new branch addendums